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Indeed, with our software for high precision CNC and diamond-turning machines your future could be now. Use our tools to generate toolpaths in a visually attractive CAD-CAM environment.
The Lensman 2D and 3D software is completely self-explanatory, easy en and simple to manufacture custom made optics. No need for math or other difficult stuff. We already did that part for your.


On this website you can download a fully functional version of Lensman 3D (which includes all functions of the 2D variant). You can use it for evaluation purposes for 10 days.

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Lensman 2D & 3D

What's it all about?


Lensman 2D and Lensman 3D are programs developed for Microsoft Windows. With the Lensman software you can easily generate optical surfaces on high precision CNC and diamond-turning machines. Lensman offers easy of use and clear graphics and out software can export your work to most commercial ASCII formats, compatible with nearly every machine. EPT, Moore, Precitech, we've got them covered.


The difference between Lensman 2d and Lensman 3D? Easy, in Lensman 2D all 3D-functionality is disabled. Other than that, they're the same. Ofcourse every version of Lensman can accept design data in many different formats. DXF, STEP, STL and more.
Lensman works as a charm on Microsoft Windows 7 up to the newest Microsoft Windows 10. Need more information? Just contact us!


And use for 10 days


For 10 days you can evaluate the full version of Lensman 3D. If you're satisfied you can order a valid serial key to keep on using it.

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